Friday, April 25, 2014

Blogger API Integration in the Works

I've been working on a system which will make Blogger integration simple.  I'm currently bringing my blog at into my profile for Codename: Factions.  Here is the url if you'd like to see the progress first hand:

My goal is to eventually have a system where, if the developer wanted, they could use their own Blogger API key to load their blog posts automatically into their games profile.  If they opt of out that for whatever reason, then a url will suffice... the scripts will take care of the rest.

First draft of the included blog cells.

As an indie developer, this type of system would save me a lot of time.  The idea that I can continue to blog the same way that I already do, but to also have that content posted to my foreachgamer profile as well, just leaves me more time to focus on my game. It could potentially do the same for a lot of other indie devs as well.

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