Sunday, April 6, 2014

Slowly Updating the Un-Indie Profile

I've made some progress on the Un-Indie profile page, starting to piece it back together into the new layout.  I'm continuing with the cell system, which will I've decided will be used site-wide.  It will make converting the website to fit smaller screen resolutions easy down the road, and  it also will provide a lot of user-customization via jQuery UI.

The beginnings of the new 'cellular' game profile.

The content of each sell is identical at the moment.  My goal this step was merely to layout a prototype profile page to assure myself that the cell layout will work.  With that done, I now have the gist of my websites scoping worked out.  I can now build a template system that will load content dynamically based off the game's id number and what type of cell it's in.  Once my template system is working, I'll be adding the Indie links back, and will be placing the Unity3D Webplayer files in a cell as well.  My thinking is that you will actually be able to play indie demos directly in a single cell, with the option to fullscreen if desired.

I'm really psyched to get this all working.  When I've got my template system in place, it will be easy to re-work the login/registration system into the new layout.

Note to self:  Re-add social networking links

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