Saturday, April 19, 2014

Plans for the Footer

After my last blog post, I started playing around with ideas in PaintShop.  The following is a very rough draft of my plans for the menus in the footer:

Menus and toggles for the footer menu

From left to right, the first button will be a rest button.  This will reset the buttons to their default state: the main content for your home page.  The next few buttons will be to narrow down results, and will be drop-down menus that open upwards and allow multiple selections where applicable.  The last set of buttons will be two toggle buttons, each with an "include" or "on" state, as well as an "exclude" or "off" state.  This will allow you to easily narrow results to either indie games, un-indie games, or both.

If memory of isotope's documentation serves me right, there are some pretty neat features that will come in handy when implementing this system.  And I think I may be able to completely tie the search system into it as well.  So, for now, searching is on the back-burner, and priority has switched to the footer menu system.

As is usually the case, things will probably change as I go, but that's how I'm comfortable working:  on-the-fly.

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