Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Final Rough Draft

I've updated the website at foreachgamer.com with all the changes I've made using jQuery the last 24 hours.  It took some time, but I've gone through and cleaned up and commented my code, and the system is now even easier to work with than it was before.  I'm more and more happy with the results each day, and I'm looking forward to using this website to track my indie favorites in the future.  I'm also psyched to swap out the background Tintfall video with a video from a featured Indie game hosted on the site.  I have plans within the next few days to make the background video dynamic so it can randomly cycle between a few featured games.

I've gotta admit, it's pretty sweet to see the Titanfall Trailer as my sites background

I will also need to swap the background youtube video out for a fullscreen image of the game for any devices that cannot output the video for whatever reason.  In the future I may also be able to load a Unity3D file as the background.  For now though, I desperately need to unplug. 

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