Monday, April 14, 2014

Brand New Server & the Return of Social Links is now moved to a new server.  The site now has just about as much room as it will need to grow for the next year, and there are plenty of options available to scale the size and capacity of the site up, so that is something I will no longer need to worry about.  I can focus on developing and expanding, knowing that it will be a long time before I need to move again, if ever.

I also added the social network links back to the site, but this time with a bit more style.  I was not a fan of the styling of the buttons provided by facebook, twitter, etc. so I used some royalty-free icons and placed them in the footer.  It's cleaner, and fits the style of the page better.  I may be making this grayscale in the future, but for now, the links work and that's what matters.

Screenshot depicting the new social icons, which are much less distracting than the previous ones

My plan today is get a list of little bugs taken care of, and then start adding back the login and registration system.  I'm predicting that we'll be taking registrations from the public by May 1st, but make no promises.  For now, though, this login system isn't going to integrate itself, so it's back to work.

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