Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Footer Search Concept in Progress

I've made some progress on my concept for moving the search menu to the footer.  The idea has expanded far beyond what I had originally planned.  Before I explain, here's a screenshot of the setup:

An example of how the search menu system will work
The 'platform' and 'genre' buttons open their prospective menus, each of which have various toggle buttons.  This will allow you to search, for example, FPS games for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC at the same time.  All platforms are shown in the screen above, but by default the 'old school' systems will be collapsed, keeping the size of the menu window smaller unless the extra space is needed.
What all of this has led me to is that this website will never need to leave the first page.  Between AJAX and jQuery, I will be able to load the entire websites content without ever needing to refresh or redirect the page.  Granted, I'll definitely be creating static pages to serve up to website crawlers, but for the end-user, the experience will feel more like an app than a website.
I will accomplish this by using the footer menu to limit the results shown.  If you search for FPS games, then only FPS games will show, but they will load the same exact way as any other search result; with cells containing the content that you can scroll through, with new cells being loaded at the end of the page when needed.  Looking for a particular game? The search can easily be limited to any game, so that you'll be getting all the information on that one title in your results, which can also be limited even further to just screenshots, videos, etc.
The resulting website will operate more like a search engine for anything gaming related, but will serve the content up in a much richer format, which also creating the illusion of profiles for users, games, etc.  I can't wait to use it myself, but first I've got to program it.

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