Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Metro Layout & Horizontal & Vertical Scroll Options

I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with jQuery lately, which is the reason for my lack of blog posts this week.  My most recent idea was inspired by Windows 8.1 (which I love as an OS, regardless of the fact that 90% of people seem to disagree with me) and it's retro setup.  I wanted a horizontally scrolling layout, but I didn't want to sacrifice ease-of-use for this feature, nor did I want to lose any visitors who found the horizontal scroll annoying.  The solution was to do it both ways, and although I couldn't find a single instance of a website that had done it before, I thought it would be worth the effort.  The following is the result of that work; granted my PC is terrible at recording screen captures, and things are still in their first stages, but it works exactly how I had planned, and for now that's what matters to me.

Video preview of the new layout & scroll options

I'm not set on any of this at the moment, but I will be playing around with some ideas this afternoon.  I will be a proponent of the horizontal scrolling, and I"m hoping others will too, so that all this work hasn't been for naught.

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