Friday, April 11, 2014

Updates are Live!

I've posted the updates mentioned in my earlier blog to the live site at  I am currently running a script that is creating the thumbs for the new square cells for each game, so quite a few games will have missing screenshots.

I had written a script that worked perfectly on my local server (running Coldfusion), but when I tried to run it on my live server (running Railo) I was getting a very odd error:

Metadata components != number of destination bands

After a lot of playing around, I found out that this was being caused by the ImageGrayscale() function.  This led me to changing my cfimage tag to convert the jpg image to a png image before writing it to the servers hard drive.  Seems to have fixed the problem, so I'm happy.

The new layout now generates grayscale backgrounds on the fly

You can now click any cell that is marked as a screenshot to view the full version of the image.  Navigating images works by clicking the left/right half of the image if you are using a mouse, and if you are on a touch device then swiping the image left/right works.

Screenshot cells now expand to a touch-friendly lightbox interface

Feels like it's time for a very quick Titanfall break, then it's back to work on FEG.

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