Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Fresh Face For A Two-Day-Old Website

After a little inspiration from Bob, and help browsing the internet for inspiration from my girlfriend, I think I've landed on a much more appropriate page design.  It's concise, nothing about it is distracting, and it's going to make the website tailor itself to your needs with a single click, no matter what you're looking for.

FEG design version 2.0

First thing, the colored text on the grey bars are buttons.  Click 'Play', and the website will update accordingly, offering you the latest Indie game releases, info on demos, etc.  Click 'Learn', and the website will update and show you articles, dev blogs, tutorials, etc. on anything game related.

Further down, clicking 'Indie' will adapt the site to show you the latest updates and posts from the sites Indie devs.  Naturally, Un-Indie is anything from dependent studios, and everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

I've also left a bit of a coding joke in the design... which makes the website look as though it is the contents of a function, ending with the footer bar which scrolls with the page. 

Edit.  Forgot to mention, if you want a live preview of the new design, it's available at the following link: 

I'm loving this new design.  Time to switch everything over...

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