Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MMO & Multiplayer FPS Demos

I've spent some time getting a couple more demos available for visitors on the site.  There are two more added, both coming from the SmartFox websites examples section.

The first is a Multiplayer FPS game that uses SmartFox Server technology for creating/maintaining games.  The use of SmartFox allows games containing more players than Unity's standard Networking will allow.

The second is a demonstration of SmartFox's new MMO technology, which comes standard with the latest version of their server software.  This demo include NPC bots as well as player-controlled characters.

I think these two demos will serve as great examples of what I'm trying to accomplish with the site.  I can't wait to get more work done so Indie developers and studios can start sharing their own Unity Web Player files as well.

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