Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Instant Un-Indie Game Search Results

I had about 30 minutes left of work on the system for searching the 'Un-Indie' section, so I figured I'd get that done last night before turning in.  The search results are now completed, and any search results are displayed without the need for a page refresh or post.  There is also a simple search form in the footer that posts to the search page, making the system easily accessible from any page.  And the most recent update, the page buttons at the bottom now work as expected.  I've also realized I forgot to add genres to the database table for the games, but luckily I planned for such a mistake and have a very easy to use hierarchy of xml data that I can loop through to remedy this.  Once completed, this will allow me to build a very simple recommendation system that can display results in various locations, starting with the unindie game profile page.

The completed search results page (version 1)

My plan for a future version of the search results page is to show a handful of results for each category (ie. Un-Indie, Videos, Tutorials) so you can easily see relevant content for each.  A quick click will narrow the results down to any of these categories.  This way, a quick search for "FPS" will yield not only Indie games on the topic, but the latest news articles, blog posts, screenshots, videos, etc. on the topic.  If you're looking for just Indie FPS demos to play, you're only one click away from getting pages of results.

With the first version of the search system completed, it's time to put the finishing touches on the login and registration systems.  Once the site is capable of having members, I'll work on giving those members the ability to rate games as well as add them to favorites lists.

Completely off topic, I have created the twitter account @eatsleepindie for personal use if anyone is interested in following it as well as the offical twitter for this page @foreachgamer

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