Sunday, March 30, 2014

Completed (Beta) Account & Profile Settings

So I've completed the systems for the account & profile settings for members.  The forms work exactly the way I want them to for now, and the workflow for managing everything is pretty stream-lined.  I finished up my avatar image uploading code, and the system now offers the option to click the button to browse for a file rather than opting for the drag & drop interface... I've tested this on a Windows 8.1 tablet and an Android tablet and both work exactly as expected.

Final (Beta) version of the profile & account settings systems

The profile info form is almost completely dynamic, meaning I can add any number of inputs and textareas, and as long as I name them using my system, then they will function with very little effort on my part.  This is going to come in handy with future forms:  when I manage an Indie game profile that I'm working on, I'll be able to drag and drop 10 images from my desktop onto the site itself and begin organizing them almost immediately.

I'm excited to see systems start coming together at a faster pace now that the registration and login systems are nearly complete.  I haven't decided when I will make registrations available to the public yet, but the first priority is to continue adding content while adding the ability for future members to add content as well.

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