Friday, March 21, 2014

An Un-Indie Profile

Experience has taught me that when you finally decide on something 100%, it's time to clean up & optimize your code.  I've eliminated straggling functions, and rebuilt the cfml scripts responsible for the index page from the ground up.  Now, everything gets passed into a single "datablock" template via a cfloop, and the script takes care of the rest... even how many page buttons are required for the situation.  It sidetracked me for a while, but the resulting code is much cleaner and easier to work in.

It doesn't look much different, but the code is much cleaner

Having settled on the main design & layout for the site, and having redone the code for the main page, I figured it was time to give this website's sitemap a second entry.  The result is the beginnings of a game profile page for Un-Indie games:.

Beginnings of the Un-Indie Game Profile

It's not much yet, but filling that template with data will be relatively easy now that everything is setup... which means I'll probably leave it for another day.  Right now, I'm leaning towards working a system for searching for the Un-Indie Games I've collected thus far.  If nothing else, it will allow me to browse through the list of games in the database, and I honestly have no idea what 99% of them are at this point.  And it will give any visitors a little something to do, although the search results will probably be pretty disappointing until I'm done data-scraping. 

FEG Offical Site (Work-In-Progress):

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