Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Crude Web Layout

After a little inspiration from Bob (inside joke, don't fixate on that last bit), I decided to throw together a quick layout in Paint Shop.  The main layout will probably change when the site gets going, but for now I know I need to focus on the developers themselves.  If devs don't register and use the site, then there's no content for people who play games rather than design them.

So, the first layout is going to be geared towards designers.  Lucky for me, I consider myself an amateur game-designer, so the easiest bet here is to go with what would interest me.  If I'm coming to my own site to check out what's going on within all it's code and data, what do I want to see?

I want to know if anyone else has shown interest in my game.  How many hits did I get?  Did anyone post something constructive on my last gameplay video?  Tell me everything new that has to do with my own project, and show it to me in a way that makes navigating everything feel natural.

If I'm here to take a break from working on my own game and just want to see what everyone else is up to, my tastes change dramatically. I want to know what's new.  And when I'm done going through the new stuff, I want to see the stuff I've been interested in for a while.  After checking in on those, I want to check out some inspirational graphics work or read someone's blog about how they got around the Windows Store touch-keyboard problem in Unity.

I need to cram all of this into the index page somehow.  So far, here is my layout, which after some really dirty CSS work I will be filling with data.

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