Saturday, March 29, 2014

Updated Profile Settings & Various Small Fixes

I started my work on today with fixing a small inconsistency that has been bothering me.  As you can see from the image below, edges on the right side of the page were not lining up correctly.  It wasn't always obvious, but when it was it was hard to ignore.  I've since fixed this with a little touch-up CSS work.

The CSS layout bug that I couldn't ignore any longer

In keeping with the theme of little things that were bugging me, I decided to change how header titles are displayed as well.  Gone are the bright and somewhat-distracting '{}' wrappers, replaced with grey brackets that are barely noticeable but still highlight the header.

The new header-wrappers are much less distracting

And I liked the look of that so much, I decided to use a variation of the same styling on my account settings page.

Updated account settings page that ties the whole theme together

Time to stop fartin' around and get some more in-depth programming done or this registration system is never going to get used by the public.

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