Monday, March 17, 2014

More Progress On The Graphics

The new logo inspired me to keep working on web graphics to get a better feel for the overall look of the site.  Since the logo, things have really begun to fall in place visually.

The website currently has a simple background color, but I intend to create a dark hex pattern for the pages background.  I want gaps between the hexagons that can light up, which will be a merger between the images below.

If these two images had a ByteArray baby, then my background design would be done.

The upper 2/3 of the layout above is actually a transparent div layer that is hiding in front of the background but behind everything else.  My plan is to create a hex grid like the one above, and then create the lit pathways as a second image that would lay on top of the hex grid, giving the illusion of them being the same image.  The purpose of this being the end-user could then create custom layouts using various colored versions of the overlay and the background.  You could change your layout from a light grey grid pattern with teal lighting to a black grid pattern with orange lighting.  I am building this site with the intention of using it on a daily basis to follow games that interest me.  I want it to be easy to use, and I may want to easily swap to layout with a light background and black text for easier reading.  It allows me to use a color scheme that is eye-catching and display it to new visitors, while providing a solution to existing members that is easier on the eyes, especially for reading purposes.

I have just a little time left before I need to start work for tonight, so it's time to fill that layout with the data that I had added last night.

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